John Deere Tractors and Planters in High Demand at James River Equipment in Virginia

On the Road with Machinery Pete and James River Equipment in Virginia

In this episode, On the Road with Machinery Pete takes us to James River Equipment in Tappahannock, Virginia. While most farmers face challenges such as pricing and weather, those that farm along the James River find their biggest challenge to be water quality. Despite staying away from tillage equipment in order to reduce runoff, yields have not been set back, says David Hula of Renwood Farms, Inc.; in 2017, Hula recorded having an average of 52 bushels per acre across his farms.

Rotation of equipment, specifically, tractors, is what helps this area farm maintain high yields and this interest in finding the best equipment, both large and compact, has caught on.

Increased Interest in John Deere Tractors and Planters

Auction prices for used tractors of all sizes have been strong this year, something that started in November of last year and has remained steady. Despite this, Matthew Fleet, general manager of James River Equipment in Tappahannock, Virginia, has noted that sales of large ag have been lagging, while small ag sales have been rising. Interest in compact tractors is especially high at this retailer due to large amounts of inventory as well as the fact that a range of customers can make these purchases, from hobby farms to contractors.

There has also been a rise in sales of planters on the East Coast, specifically those that are used. Despite this interest in aged equipment, there are regular improvements when it comes to technology and uses for planters but, according to Fleet, the choice of equipment should depend on finding the right fit for you and your farm.

Certain area farmers, including Hula, prefer to keep up with these changes, and this centers on the significance of data collection when it comes to understanding what is going right and what needs to be adjusted in order to achieve the best results.

Although each customer will find different pieces of equipment most beneficial, sales at retailers such as James River have shown that whether there is a higher demand for large tractors, compact tractors, or for planters, the market is always waiting for a surprise.

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