John Deere Cotton Equipment a Game Changer at Hurst Farm Supply in Texas

On the Road with Machinery Pete and Hurst Farm Supply in Texas

In this episode, On the Road with Machinery Pete takes us to Hurst Farm Supply, Inc. in Lorenzo, Texas. Dry conditions have proven to be a challenge for local farmers such as Mark Schoepf and growing seasons without regular moisture have verified that cotton is the way forward. At Schoepf Farms, pieces of equipment like the John Deere CS690 have played a major role in how efficiently cotton is harvested on a daily basis without the need for heavy labor.

By utilizing this piece of machinery, this family farm is able to be successful and continue to plan for future harvests despite a shortage of labor and crop choice.

High Impact of Cotton on Equipment Sales

In addition to the farming industry, equipment dealers are also facing the consequences of dry conditions across West Texas. According to Machinery Pete, moisture tends to drive equipment interest in the area, but at Hurst Farm Supply in Lorenzo, this is not necessarily the case. At this local John Deere equipment dealer, it is clear that cotton reigns supreme in terms of purchase decision making, with demand outpacing supply in certain instances, especially with the CS690.

While demand for cotton strippers at Hurst Farm Supply is significant, customers have also shown increased interest in combines, planters, and other quality tractors, both new and used. Although this dealer has seen an excess of planters on their lot in the past, those at Hurst seem to be comfortable with the amount and type of inventory that they currently have and are confident that interest will continue to convert into purchases throughout 2018.

The growth of cotton has had a major impact on many in West Texas, with several industries depending on the success of this crop on both fields and within the market. As farmers plan ahead, it’s important to take several factors into consideration and lay a foundation that will lead to this continued success for future generations throughout this area.

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