John Deere Tractor and Planter Trends on the Rise at Ag-Power in Missouri

On the Road with Machinery Pete and Ag-Power in Missouri

In this episode, On the Road with Machinery Pete takes us to Ag-Power in Carrollton, Missouri. Area farmers experienced record-breaking yields on almost every entity being harvested last fall and, in some cases, yields were about 20-30 bushels per acre better than what was seen during the last “exceptional” harvest in 2014.

This uptick has been a contributing factor to farmers looking to make equipment upgrades, specifically around tractors and planters.

John Deere Tractors and Planters in Demand

Local dealerships, like Ag-Power, have been aware of slowing trends in terms of farmers purchasing new and used equipment, but this trend is beginning to reverse, according to Aaron Plattner, a sales professional at Ag-Power in Carrollton.

Missouri area farmers are opting to update older equipment and the proof is in the value of today’s tractors. Tractors in the 5-20-year range, specifically, are boasting powerful prices as a result. According to Greg Peterson, farmers are turning their attention to investing in the “nicest used” machines available on lots.

While tractor trends are impressive, planters in Carrollton and surrounding areas have been even more impressive. According to Plattner, 1790, 1795, and other late-model planters are the hottest planters right now, as most farmers use them for producing both corn and beans.

Area farmers are also upping the ante when it comes to precision agriculture investments. According to one local farmer, the foundation for planting season success begins with a focus on data entry into machines. Jason Reichert at Ag-Power also says the appropriate utilization of data can really pay off, especially for those that are just getting involved with precision ag. Ag-Power even hosts “Data Days” to help customers better understand and evaluate their data.

Missouri farmers and dealers are optimistic these positive trends will continue as the 2018 planting season nears.

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