Compact Equipment Becoming a Key Player at 4 Rivers Equipment in Colorado

On the Road with Machinery Pete and 4 Rivers Equipment in Colorado

In this episode, On the Road with Machinery Pete takes us to 4 Rivers Equipment in Colorado. Farmers in this area have experienced an estimated 30% decrease in water over the past few years, causing those like the Hergert family of Hergert Farms to focus on how to do more with less. Despite extreme dryness across the state, the Hergerts have put their attention towards harvesting a diverse set of crops in order to meet the growing demands of customers.

At 4 Rivers Equipment, this diversification has altered the usual purchasing patterns that most area dealers have become accustomed to. With growing interest in the compact equipment market, both dealers and customers are learning how to utilize these machines to the best of their ability.

Boosting Efficiency with Compact Equipment

As producers adapt to these less than ideal weather conditions, upgrading equipment has become a necessity. Despite a decrease in commodity prices and weather issues, Machinery Pete notes that this has not had a negative impact on user values as would be expected. The market has seen a 5% increase in 4-wheel drive tractor sales and a 20% increase in combine sales just this year, showcasing used values that have been consistently strong since the end of 2017. At 4 Rivers, this increase in sales has seen a move from custom harvesters and increased purchases of used equipment, especially within the compact tractor market.

A shift from larger equipment has largely been a result of owners wanting to make the most with what they have, whether it’s for harvesting or for other purposes. With approximately 1,800 homes being built each month within the area, 4 Rivers has seen a growing demand for smaller equipment. By putting more thought into harvesting and fertilization, producers like those at Hergert farms have learned how to increase efficiency through the use of smaller equipment.

A lack of water and other changing weather conditions across the state have forced both farmers and dealers alike to learn how to adapt and grow. With compact equipment such as tractors and combines growing in popularity, those being affected by these changes must continue to take on opportunities that this technology has afforded them.

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