What is JDLink?

What is JDLink?

The JDLink software is designed to track any fleet of John Deere machines, monitor vehicle health, simplify maintenance scheduling, increase vehicle uptime, track operator productivity, and assist in recovering stolen equipment. In short, this software was created to make John Deere machinery as smart and efficient as possible.

How Does This Software Work?

With JDLink, operators can get up-to-the-minute data updates for their construction, forestry, and agricultural machinery. This is achieved in the following ways.

Location History

JDLink enables operators to monitor the productivity of their machines with Location History. This feature gives users access to information on the current status of the machine, as well as prior paths traveled, providing them with a more accurate, well-rounded view of how their work is progressing out in the field.

JDLink Connect

This feature allows operators to view critical and timely information about their machines while also enabling these individuals to move data wirelessly and effortlessly, thereby enhancing productivity. JDLink Connect can also send operators alerts on the JDLink website or mobile app to let them know when maintenance, or an upgrade, is due.

Wireless Communication

Through wireless communication with JDLink, operators can easily locate their machines and get them where they need to be, ensuring little to no downtime. This feature is also beneficial for those times when operators need to route support vehicles out onto the land as they will know exactly where their machines are located.

Remote Display Access / Wireless Data Transfer

Remote Display Access helps users see exactly what their machine operators are seeing out in the field, all on a display screen for maximum convenience. Additionally, Wireless Data Transfer allows users to send data to provide remote support to operators as they work.

For more information regarding John Deere technology offerings, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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