What is a Utility Vehicle?

What is a Utility Vehicle?

An utility vehicle, also known as a UTV, is a compact vehicle designed to perform various tasks on a variety of terrains. Utility vehicles also feature a cargo bed that makes it great for hauling materials and equipment.

What is a Utility Vehicle Used For?

Utility vehicles are a multipurpose piece of equipment, making them great for a variety of jobs, no matter the terrain. Utility vehicles can be used for:

  • Property Management
  • Property Management
  • Ranching
  • Farming
  • Trail Riding, Fishing, Hunting
  • Job Site Construction
  • Golf Course Management
  • Transportation
  • What are the Most Common Types of Utility Vehicle Accessories?

    Since utility vehicles are a multipurpose piece of machinery, a variety of attachments can be used to get the job done. Some of the most common utility vehicle accessories include: