What is a Subsoiler Used For?

What Does a Subsoiler Do?

The effects of soil compaction can be harsh, with chances of reducing yields by as much as 50 percent. With this in mind, producers should consider using a subsoiler, a type of tillage implement that is designed to break up compacted soil and better prepare the ground for crop growth.

Benefits of Using a Subsoiler

Now that we know what a subsoiler is and why it is used, let’s take a look at two use cases for this piece of equipment. By using a Frontier subsoiler, which can be used alongside a John Deere compact utility tractor, producers can penetrate the ground up to 24 inches, the ideal depth for ripping tree roots in a tree line and breaking up hardpan in a trail.

Cutting Roots

When dealing with a pasture that borders a closely packed tree line, there are likely roots weaving their way into the soil where planting is taking place. Using a subsoiler allows producers to rip these roots that have worked their way in to keep the tree line from expanding and preventing them from stealing valuable moisture from the pasture.

Reduce Standing Water

Standing water often appears as a result of having compacted soil that likely has a lot of clay in it. As the water is not draining through this hardened soil, it may either just sit on top of the soil or run off into a neighbor’s pasture. A subsoiler can play a critical role in addressing this issue by working its way into the surface and breaking up the soil to ensure that water is making its way through and providing crops with the moisture they need to flourish.

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