How Can You Prepare Your UTV for Winter?

Winterizing Your UTV

Gator UTVs can be extremely helpful when winter comes. You can really utilize a winterized UTV to get through the snow, rain, and sleet. These vehicles are truly made for all conditions, tasks, and challenges through all seasons of the year. That includes winter when the terrain is extremely treacherous. All Gator models are ready to get through mud, snow, and other weather conditions.

Cold weather, however, doesn’t mean you must stop using your Gator UTV. Find out how to winterize your UTV to get the most out of it this season.

1. Straight Blades

There is a variety of straight blades that you can use with your Gator to remove unwanted dirt and snow. The larger of the blades is typically great for winter because it can be helpful for grading.

2. Cab Doors

You want to stay warm in any way possible when cold, freezing winter weather comes around. By adding cab doors, you can boost the temperature in your UTV, by keeping warmth inside. Additionally, heat-absorbing tinted cab door glass helps absorb solar energy through the windows.

3. Windshield Wiper Kit

Utilizing windshield wiper kits let operators see much more clearly in the hazy winter weather. The switch of this kit is ready to be placed on the dash, making it simple to install, even when it’s freezing cold out.

4. Canvas Cab Doors

If you don’t want the full door option, you can instead get heavy-duty, water-resistant, canvas doors. These will help you in the winter so snow and ice don’t splash up when driving through rough terrain.

5. Glass Windshield

John Deere Gator windshields are made of tempered glass, which just so happens to be tinted. This tempered glass creates clear visuals for drivers. This is extremely helpful in winter, because snow can cause issues with clarity. The windshield tint also helps absorb heat, like the ones on the cab doors.

6. Cab Rear Panel

Rear panels on a John Deere Gator have heat-absorbing tinted glass. This feature helps keep snow out of the operator station, especially when there is a full windshield piece installed.

For more information regarding UTVs, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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