What is Precision Agriculture?

What is Precision Agriculture?

Precision agriculture is used to connect people, equipment, and technology in order to improve overall efficiency on the farm. With precision agriculture, producers can gain access and control of data so they can streamline and improve processes year-round. Below find the different types of precision agriculture solutions, and how they can be helpful for your farm.

Data Management Solutions

The data explosion of the past few decades has made its way into farming. Efficiency has also blossomed as a result. Without data management, it can be simple to lose time or miss out on data-informed decisions.

Remote Management Solutions

If you are away from your farm, it is important that your processes keep moving. With Deereā€™s remote management solutions, you are able to send work orders to your equipment, as well as access/analyze reports, and track equipment/usage via a wireless connection.

Equipment Guidance

Missing areas in a field or going over certain terrains more than once can be costly in terms of time and money. Additionally, seeds and chemicals needed to maintain a large-scale operation are not inexpensive. It is important they are placed with precision, and solely in the spots where they are needed most.

Field and Water Management

Natural resources, such as water or soil, are precious and, therefore, very important to conserve as much as possible. Automating your watering and soil process can be an important step in doing so, helping to reduce waste and save on labor costs.

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