Which John Deere Attachments are Great to Use for the Winter?

John Deere Attachments: Which Are Best To Use In The Winter?

All John Deere tractors are known for their ability to keep one’s land looking great for the entire year. While many often think that these tractors are only useful in the spring, fall and summer, they are also great for winter, especially with a few additions to the machinery. Winterizing your machine is much easier than you think.

Let’s take a look at some John Deere attachments for winter, that you can use to get the most out of your machine:

Heavy-Duty Skid Shoes

Skid shoes are a great way to make sure that your snow blower and concrete stay safe from damage. This attachment allows you to adjust the skid shoes so that the driver can set the blading height to whatever they need.

Wheel Weights

When it comes to the winter conditions, you will get more traction when your vehicle has more weight. Wheel weights are great for those who are working on hills - otherwise, these terrains may be difficult to drive on.

Rear Weight Brackets

When you add blades and blowers to the front of the tractor, this can add quite a bit of weight. Rear weight brackets can be added to the back of the tractor to provide more stability to the vehicle.

Weather Enclosures

Sitting on a tractor in a snowstorm can be uncomfortable, especially when it’s cold and wet outside. Weather enclosures can help to improve this experience.

Tire Chains

Tire chains are recommended for use in the winter because they can help create extra traction, especially when going up icy hills (especially those made out of pavement and concrete).

Angling Kits

Angling kits help to winterize your tractor by allowing you to twist your snow blade 20 degrees. This allows you to be more efficient.


Pull-type and electric spreaders can be added to your tractor, so they can be filled with snow and ice melting applications.

How Do I Choose the Right John Deere Winter Attachment for My Tractor?

Choosing the right winter attachments for your tractor is largely dependent on the climate, terrain, and the type of job you are completing. Some types of attachments that are well-suited for winter use include tire chains, angling kits, pull-type and electric spreaders, weather enclosures, heavy duty skid shoes, wheel weights, and rear weight brackets.

How Do I Maintain a John Deere Winter Attachment?

To best maintain John Deere winter attachments, you should practice the following:

  • Inspect the attachment before each use, looking for any signs of damage such as dents, bends, loose bolts, or cracks. If you find any damage it’s important to replace or repair the item before using it again.
  • Clean the attachment after each use to prevent rust or corrosion. Once finished cleaning, be sure to dry the attachment thoroughly before storing it away.
  • Use a lubricant to help extend the life of the attachment. Store the attachment in a clean dry place during the winter, and if possible, indoors.

Where Can I Buy John Deere Winter Attachments?

If you're interested in buying winter attachments for your John Deere machinery, MachineFinder is the place to be. Explore our variety or attachments that are compatible with a range of machinery.

For more information regarding the John Deere attachments or related products, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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