What is the History of the John Deere Snowmobile?

What is the History of the John Deere Snowmobile?

While John Deere is most well-known for its production of agricultural, construction, forestry, and lawn care equipment, they have not always been solely focused on these markets. There was a span throughout the 1970s when John Deere produced their very own snowmobiles, beginning with the Model 400 and Model 500 and ending with the 340 and 440 Trailfire models. In addition to producing almost 250,000 snowmobiles over the course of a decade, Deere also introduced its recognizable company slogan during this time: “Nothing Runs Like a Deere.”

  • 1971: This was the first year that John Deere produced snowmobiles at its plant in Horicon, Wisconsin. This decision was powered by the shift towards snow sports that occurred at the beginning of the decade. The first two models to be produced were the 400 and the 500. The 400 was a 339 cc model, while the 500 was a 436 cc model.
  • 1972: In this year, the JDX8, the 600, and the JDX4 snowmobiles were released. Due to the excitement over the release, more than 12,000 of these machines were sold that year alone. This year also saw the introduction of the company’s well-known slogan: “Nothing Runs Like a Deere.”
  • 1974: John Deere released the 295/S.
  • 1976: The John Deere Liquidator, 340 Liquifire, 340 Cyclone, 440 Liquifire, and 440 Cyclone were released in 1976. Through the production of these John Deere snowmobiles, customers gained access to a wider variety of equipment to choose from.
  • 1978: Due to popular interest from consumers, John Deere released a new range of smaller snowmobile models, also known as the John Deere Spitfire.
  • 1979: The 340 and 440 Trailfire machines were added to the John Deere lineup this year.
  • 1980: In 1980, John Deere became the official snowmobile supplier for the Winter Olympic Games, which took place in Lake Placid, New York.
  • 1982: John Deere stopped producing snowmobiles in 1982.

Why Did John Deere Stop Producing Snowmobiles?

John Deere stopped producing snowmobiles in 1982 when they sold their business to another company - Polaris.

Are John Deere Snowmobiles Still in Production?

John Deere snowmobiles were produced for more than 10 years, extending through 1984.

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