What Are the Different Types of Hay Mowing Equipment?

Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or interested in purchasing your first piece of hay mowing equipment, having a good understanding of the different types of equipment is essential. Keep reading to learn about the different pieces of machinery and their respective models to see which piece of hay mowing equipment is best for you.


A mower-conditioner is a piece of machinery used to cut and condition hay or forage crops by combining the functions of a traditional mower and conditioner into one piece of equipment. A mower-conditioner features rotating discs that help to cut through grass or crops, as well as conditioning rollers that help to crush or cut vegetation. Using a mower-conditioner to harvest hay helps to streamline the harvesting process as well as optimize the nutritional value of the forage.

What Are the Different Models of John Deere Mower-Conditioners?

John Deere offers a series of mower-conditioner models depending on the size of your field, and the amount of coverage you are looking for. The different models of John Deere mower-conditioners include:

Disc Mowers

A disc mower is a piece of hay mowing equipment that features a series of circular shaped blades that are mounted horizontally on a rotating shaft. As the machine rotates and spins rapidly, the blades make swift and clean cuts to each piece of hay, making it a great piece of hay equipment to increase precision and productivity around the field.

What Are the Different Models of John Deere Disc Mowers?

John Deere offers a series of models for disc mowers that are easy to hook up and transport. The different models of John Deere R Series disc mowers include:


A windrower, also known as a swather, is a type of hay mowing equipment that is designed to cut and place stalks in windrows so that they can be separated and collected down the line. By using a windrower, users can ensure that their windrows are in the correct position and optimal width, so that they can be fed into the baler and distributed properly when it comes time to bale the hay.

What Are the Different Models of John Deere Windrowers?

The different models within the John Deere windrowers series feature four traction unit choices between 148 and 260 horsepower, so you can be sure there is a machine to fit your needs. The different models of John Deere windrowers include:

What Equipment is Needed to Cut and Bale Hay?

A compact tractor is the most widely used piece of equipment to cut and bale hay. That said, a mower, windrower, conditioner, or baler must be attached to complete the cutting and baling process.

For more information regarding equipment for lawn maintenance, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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