What is Harvest Season?

Harvest season is the time of year when crops are collected and brought in by utilizing various types of harvesting equipment.

When is Harvest Season?

The exact timing of harvest season varies depending on the type of crop and the climate it is in. That said, harvest season begins in the late summer or early fall and ends in the early winter.

How Long is the Harvest Season?

As mentioned, the exact timing of harvest season is largely dependent on the type of crop and the climate, but it typically begins in the late summer or early fall and ends in the early winter. That said, some crops, such as citrus fruits, can be harvested year-round.

What Crops are Harvested During Harvesting Season?

Some of the most common crops that are harvested during this time include grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and flowers.

John Deere Equipment to Prepare for Harvest Season

John Deere harvest equipment is designed to help boost efficiency and productivity in the field through the employment of technology such as ActiveYield and JDLink Connect. These systems, which are compatible with various harvest equipment models, enable the effective use of field data. Producers can be prepared for a productive season by gaining a better understanding of what this technology is capable of before the harvest begins.

John Deere ActiveYield

This harvest technology provides continuous calibration of the mass flow sensor through the load cells installed in the grain tank - the load cells estimate the change in weight of grain as the tank fills. Once the load cells indicate that there is grain accumulating in the tank, the system will begin capturing data; these measurements will continue until the load cells signify a grain weight of 6,600 pounds. By utilizing a series of data, this software is able to calculate the change in weight of grain over time.

JDLink Connect

This John Deere software is designed to provide remote support with diagnostics, alerts, and location history, and can also help with maintenance planning and logging based on factory recommendations. Additionally, JDLink Connect has Remote Display Access which enables operators to gain machine support while out in the field from experts who may be located elsewhere. This system logs and sends machine performance automatically through cellular signals. The accumulation of this information over time enables producers to view aggregated averages which can be used to improve yields throughout the season.

For more information regarding harvest season and available technology, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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