What Equipment is Used for Golf Course Maintenance?


Top golf courses around the world have a reputation to uphold, and the margin of error is extremely small. If course conditions are anything less than perfect, this could harm the good name of the course. This could ultimately create a ripple effect and cause business problems.

Here are some of the most important pieces of golf course maintenance equipment:

Fairway Mowers

With fairways beginning to get as much attention as greens, specialized fairway mowers are becoming more prevalent for creating aesthetically pleasing mowing patterns. These mowers include the following models:

  • 6080A: This E-Cut Hybrid Fairway Mower has a 24.7 horsepower diesel engine, which is designed for ample power, as well as boosting overall efficiency. It has a smooth, three-wheel tire configuration with a durable mower chassis. The size of its cutting units means operators are able to tackle larger areas in a short amount of time. This model also comes with hydraulic wet disk brakes and a TechControl display.
  • 6500A: The 6500A E-Cut Hybrid Fairway Mower differs in specs due to its 22-inch QA5 cutting units, which provides a 100-inch width of cut. Similar to the 6080A, the 6500A also features hydraulic wet disk brakes and a TechControl display; however the hybrid reel drive system of the 6500A provides more power for the all-wheel-drive traction system.
  • 7500A: If you’re looking for a fairway mower that is able to take on a long day’s work, the John Deere 7500A fairway mower is an option you may want to consider. This mower has the AutoPedal™ feature, which reduces fuel consumption, as well as TechControl™ Display, which locks in performance and uptime.

Riding Greens Mowers

Riding greens mowers help make the task of maintaining golf courses simple and enjoyable. Typically, these mowers are triplexes, helping to boost efficiency. At the same time, these mowers are gentle enough so that the greens are not destroyed. This equipment enables precision and ease of use for operators. With John Deere riding greens mowers, users know they’re utilizing some of the best technology on the market.

Walking Greens Mower

Walking greens mowers are helpful because they maintain an extremely tight cut to the ground. Additionally, there are many attachments that can be added to these types of mowers thanks to their durability, such as a grass catcher system.

Aeration Equipment

The process of aeration helps to open up soil to water, nutrients, and air. This allows the grassroots to be nourished, thickening and nourishing fairways. Aeration is typically practiced in the fall or spring, depending on the type of turf and its purpose. Aeration helps you to achieve the perfect turf, so golf course maintenance teams should add aeration to the top of their list of tasks. John Deere’s aerators for golf courses are also easy to handle, can be utilized on undulated surfaces, and can also be adjusted to create different hole sizing.

Bunker Rakes

These attachments rake and disperse sand in bunkers so that they always look great. By smoothing rough and uneven bunkers, these rakes ensure that play does not have to stop. Bunker Rake attachments make a big difference when it comes to enhancing the versatility of mowers and even UTVs. These bunker rake serrated blades can help operators update machines with a rear frame and a rake if desired.

Commercial Mowers

Commercial mowers can be useful across any course, so not only can they be used for fairways and the grass surrounding, but also for areas around the clubhouse and more to maintain a clean-cut look. Some of the main features of commercial mowing equipment include:

  • Operator Position: As you begin the buying process, ergonomics, maneuverability, and productivity become important factors to consider. Operator position helps reduce fatigue, while also improving efficiency when on the job.
  • Cutting Width: Commercial mowing equipment has a wide cutting width range, which is why it’s important to think about your needs before purchasing. Larger mower decks let you mow more, faster, while smaller mower decks are more compact and fit in smaller spaces.
  • Discharge Preference: Discharging grass clippings will be a major consideration for golf courses since there is so much turf being cut at any given time.
  • Fuel Preference: Fuel preference is crucial to overall operating costs, as well as productivity and efficiency.


While John Deere has a series of gator offerings, here are some of the different Gator models that work well as golf course maintenance equipment:

For more information regarding golf equipment and course maintenance, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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