What is a Compact Tractor?

A compact tractor is a smaller tractor typically used for landscaping, mowing, and other light-duty tasks. Compact tractors have the ability to connect to several different attachments including plows, mowers, and backhoes, which make them versatile machines that can be used for a variety of tasks.

What is the Purpose of a Compact Tractor?

Compact tractors can be used for a variety of tasks including mowing lawns, landscaping, farming, animal care, and snow removal. For this reason, compact tractors are great multi-purpose machines for homeowners, farmers, and businesses alike.

What Size Is a Compact Tractor?

Compact tractors are smaller than full-size tractors but vary in size based on the series and model of the tractor. That said, compact tractors range from 42-66 in. in width and 30-42 in. in rear wheel diameter.

What is the Difference Between Compact Tractor and Sub-Compact Tractor?

Compact tractors and sub-compact tractors are both versatile pieces of equipment that can be used for a variety of tasks, but there are some key differences between the two. Firstly, compact tractors have more power than sub-compact tractors since they have larger engines and the capability to handle heavier loads, thus more demanding tasks. Another key difference is in their size. Compact tractors are larger than sub-compact tractors and can clear more ground when completing a task.

What are the Different Attachments for a Compact Tractor?

There are a variety of attachments that can enhance the efficiency and use of a compact tractor. Here are some common compact tractor attachments that can be used:

What are the Different Models of Compact Tractors?

Compact tractors are composed of the 1, 2, 3, and 4 Series, each with different model types. The Series 1 includes the 1023E and 1025R models which are great to use for everything from snow removal to lawn mowing. The Series 2 features the 2025R, 2032R, and 2038R models and are great for homeowners, landscapers, commercial operators, and vegetable producers. The Series 3 includes the 3025D, 3035D, 3043D, 3025E, 3032E, 3038E, 3033R, 3039R, and 3046R models, all of which are designed for versatility and ability to take on heavy-duty tasks. Finally, the Series 4 features a variety of models including the 4044M, 4052M, 4052M Heavy Duty, 4066M, 4066M Heavy Duty, 4044R, 4052R, and 4066R, all of which are great for landscaping jobs, farm work, and recreational tasks.

For more information regarding compact tractors, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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