What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Utility Vehicle?

What to Know Before Buying a Utility Vehicle

John Deere utility vehicles are designed to take on a variety of tasks, from gardening to off-roading. Because of this variety of choices, customers should consider certain factors before choosing the model that’s right for them. By thinking ahead and considering how and where this equipment will be used, customers can ensure they are getting the most out of their purchase.

Factors to reflect on before buying a utility vehicle include:


Before purchasing a utility vehicle, customers should think about the terrain they will be driving across, whether it be smooth, rolling property, or very rough land. With an understanding which type of drive system – available in 2WD, 4WD, or 6x4 – will best fit one’s needs, customers can easily narrow down the search for the right model.

These three systems each offer different benefits based on the types of conditions that the operator expects to face. 2WD drive models are usually best for mild conditions or jobs, such as occasional light snow or mud. Conversely, 4WD and 6x4 models are designed to regularly take on more intense conditions, such as heavy mud, snow, deep sand, or inclines, without compromising on productivity or performance.

Transportation Requirements

In addition to considering what types of terrain one’s utility vehicle will be traveling over, customers should also consider the weight and shape of loads they will be transporting from one location to the next. While all gator models are equipped to handle smaller items up to 400 lbs, such as tools, plants, and hay bales, there are some that can also handle larger items up to 1000 lbs, such as heavier materials like sand, rocks, and mulch. Customers should also consider the shape of items they plan on transporting and whether they may require a flatbed.

Speed Requirements

In regards to speed, approximately half of John Deere utility vehicles are designed to operate at less than 25 mph, offering just enough power to get the job done. However, more than half of these models exceed this limit and a handful can even be bumped up to 40 mph, making them the perfect choice for those customers who want a little bit of thrill thrown into their daily tasks.

Preferred Source of Power

Customers can choose from a variety of fuel/power types when purchasing a John Deere utility vehicle. Although most models are powered by gas, a select few are designed with diesel engines and one, the TE 4x2 Electric, runs on electricity. Great for work-heavy environments, diesel engines typically offer additional torque while gas models are perfect for a good blend of work and play.

Number of Passengers

Finally, customers should consider how many people they plan to accommodate in the cab of their utility vehicle. All John Deere models are designed to fit two people, however, the 550 S4, XUV 825i S4, and XUV 855D S4 all include an additional row of seats that allow for more passengers to join in on the excitement.

For more information regarding Gator utility vehicles, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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