What Should I Consider Before Buying Used Harvest Equipment?

What to Consider When Buying Used Harvest Equipment

While buying used harvest equipment has its benefits, including the cost, customers must take certain factors into consideration before making this investment. As is the case when purchasing new equipment, customers should first ask themselves questions that will help determine what specifications are required for the task at hand.

Important questions to ask yourself before making a final decision include:

What Size Machine Do I Need?

By understanding the level of production that will be required of a machine, customers can more easily determine what to purchase. Considerations should include the amount of grain that will be harvested during each operation and the availability of resources to transport this grain if it cannot be easily handled. In other words, customers should remember to keep the size and capabilities of the operation in mind when purchasing a piece of harvest equipment.

How Many Hours Have Already Been Put on the Machine?

Assessing the number of hours that have already been put on the engine and the separator will provide customers with an understanding of how long the machine has been running and how must work it has done. In the case of the engine hours being much higher than that of the separator, customers should check for drive train wear.

Are There Clear Signs of Wear on the Machine?

Signs of wear on the machine could indicate several things, from poor maintenance by past owners to overworking of the equipment. To make sure he or she can get the most out of their piece of harvest equipment, customers must be sure to check for signs of wear on larger belts, chains, sprockets, rotor/cylinder bars, and concave before purchasing.

What is the Capacity of the Machine?

It is important to remember that the capacity of the piece of harvest equipment should never be more than what the gathering head can handle. Ultimately, the amount that the header can handle will determine how much grain can be harvested successfully as well as how much is wasted or damaged in the process.

Will I Be Comfortable Operating This Machine?

While it may seem obvious, operator comfort is an important piece of the puzzle when purchasing a piece of harvest equipment. Before making this investment, customers should climb inside the cab and ensure the operator’s station includes everything that they are looking for, whether it be storage options, technology, seat comfort, or all of the above.

Can I Start the Machine?

When testing the comfort of the machine, be sure to start up the engine to see if there are any discernible issues such as grinding, screeching, or knocking – any of these sounds could indicate problems which could require maintenance soon after the purchase is made.

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