What is an Aerator Used for?


An aerator is a piece of lawn equipment used to make small holes in a golf course or lawn. When these holes are created, fertilizer, seeds, and water can easily get deep into the soil, helping strengthen your lawn and its overall health.


An Aerator offers a variety of advantages for any lawn. Some of the top benefits of an Aerator include increased grassroots, reduced lawn thatch, and reduced compacted soil, which prevents strong root growth.

How Often Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

Depending on how compacted your soil or how high its clay content, it is recommended that you aerate your lawn twice a year. For lawns with less clay content and compact soil, it is best to aerate your lawn once a year.

What are the Different Types of John Deere Aerators?

John Deere offers four different types of aerators that help deliver quality results from the fairway to the lawn. No matter what model you choose, each John Deere Aerator has the capability to pull as many as 30 cores per square foot, making it easy to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The John Deere Aercore™ 800

The John Deere Aercore™ 800 is a push-behind Aerator that scales 31.5 in. wide, with 3.5-inch coring depth, and features a powerful 25-hp gas engine to provide plenty of power for aeration and verticutting simultaneously. The Aercore™ 800 was designed around simplicity and precision, and that definitely applies to its ability to cover 22,835 sq ft/hr.

The John Deere Aercore™ 1000

The John Deere Aercore™ 1000 is a tractor-mounted Aerator that features a 37.5-inch coring swath, 4-inch coring depth, flexi-link supporting arm, and fiberglass reinforced belts for quiet operation. In addition, the Aercore™ 1000 is equipped to cover 50,033 sq ft/hr and features a 6-in. (15.2-cm) diameter roller, which provides a better ground clearance to help reduce the potential for scuffing and undulating areas.

The John Deere Aercore™ 1500

The John Deere Aercore™ 1500 is a tractor-mounted Aerator that features a 57.5-inch coring swath, flexi-link supporting arm, fiberglass reinforced belts, and has the capability to produce up to 900,000 holes per hour. The third largest John Deere Aerator, the Aercore™ 1500 can cover 75,049 sq ft/hr making it a powerhouse for getting the job done with efficiency and precision.

The John Deere Aercore™ 2000

The John Deere Aercore™ 2000 is a tractor-mounted Aerator that features a 77.5 in. coring swatch, 4-inch coring depth, six tine options to choose from, and fiberglass reinforced belts. The Aercore™ 2000 is also the largest Aercore in the John Deere fleet, with the capability to cover 100,066 sq ft/hr. But don’t be fooled: despite its size and efficiency, the Aercore™ 2000 requires only simple maintenance on and off the field, so you can focus on what matters most.

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